April Stats with Scarlett

Edmonton CMA Stats

Unit sales across all residential categories went up compared to March 2019. Single family homes saw an increase in sales of 43.68%, Condo sales were up 38.21%, and Duplex/Row Housing sales went up 34.06% month over month. Year over year sales are up 3.43% compared to April 2018, but year to date sales are down 8.44% compared to this time last year.

Average prices are also up across the board month over month. Single Family average prices are up 0.96% from March 2019, but down 0.82% from April 2018. Condo average prices are up 7.05% from March 2019, but down 7.93% from April 2018. Duplex/Row Housing saw a decrease in sales by 1.09% from March 2019 but is up 1.87% relative to April 2018.

Inventory is also up, as we typically see in the spring. There was an 8.76% increase in inventory from March 2019, but a decrease in inventory by 1.78% compared to April 2018. New listings are also up 11.14% since March 2019, but down 1.92% year over year.

The average days on market is 60, which is 6 days less than March 2019, but 3 days longer than April 2018.